Modern Water Fountains And Public Health

Modern Water Fountains And Public Health Berkley, CA citizens voted for a sugar-sweetened beverages tax in February 2014, the earliest of its kind in the United States. By taxing sugary drinks, the city hopes to inspire more people to go with healthier choices, such as water. Research was done to guarantee that individuals of all races and economic classes had access to clean, operating drinking fountains.Modern Water Fountains Public Health 220253318.jpg Using data collected by a mobile GPS app, researchers were able to identify the condition of active water fountains in Berkley. This information was cross-referenced with demographic data on race and income collected from the US Census Community Study database. The professionals looked to use both data sets to figure out if demographics were interconnected to drinking water fountain access. The research was able to pinpoint the demographics of areas with water fountains, also observing whether the condition of the fountains was greater or worse in lower class neighborhoods. While the bulk of the fountains were in working order, an astonishing quantity were revealed to be in a bad state of repairs.

Garden Fountains Hydro-statics for Dummies

Garden Fountains Hydro-statics for DummiesGarden Fountains Hydro-statics Dummies 724093399738407.jpg Liquid in a state of equilibrium exerts force on the objects it contacts, including its container. The force used falls into one of two categories: external force or hydrostatic energy. The liquid applies the very same amount of force to the assorted spots that it comes in contact with, provided that the surface is level. When an subject is totally submersed in a liquid, vertical force is applied to the object at each point. We refer to this concept as Archimedes’ principle, which deals with the forces of buoyancy. Liquid acted on by hydrostatic force is then subject to hydrostatic pressure at the point of contact. The containers that make up a city’s fountains, wells, and its water supply system are applications of these techniques.

The City Of Rome, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, And Water Fountains

The City Of Rome, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, And Water Fountains There are numerous renowned water fountains in the city center of Rome.City Rome, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Water Fountains 14047068.jpg One of the greatest sculptors and artists of the 17th century, almost all of them were designed, conceived and constructed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. He was also a city architect, in addition to his abilities as a water feature designer, and traces of his life's work are evident throughout the streets of Rome. Bernini's father, a recognized Florentine sculptor, mentored his young son, and they finally transferred in Rome, to fully exhibit their art in the form of community water fountains and water features. The young Bernini was an exceptional employee and won encouragement and patronage of significant artists as well as popes. His sculpture was initially his claim to celebrity. Working faultlessly with Roman marble, he used a base of expertise in the classic Greek architecture, most especially in the Vatican. Though he was influenced by many, Michelangelo had the most serious impact on him, both personally and professionally.

Early Crete & The Minoans: Outdoor Fountains

Early Crete & The Minoans: Outdoor Fountains Archaeological digs in Minoan Crete in Greece have uncovered a number of kinds of conduits. These furnished water and extracted it, including water from waste and storms.Early Crete & Minoans: Outdoor Fountains 151625063.jpg The main materials utilized were stone or terracotta. Terracotta was selected for channels and conduits, both rectangle-shaped and spherical. Amidst these were terracotta piping that were U-shaped or a shortened, cone-like shape which have just appeared in Minoan culture. Terracotta pipelines were used to administer water at Knossos Palace, running up to three meters below the floors. The water pipes also had other functions including gathering water and diverting it to a main area for storing. These clay pipes were used to perform: Underground Water Transportation: the hidden process for water distribution could possibly have been used to provide water to specified individuals or functions. Quality Water Transportation: There is also information which indicates the pipelines being employed to provide for water features separately of the domestic technique.
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